Custom colours for leading brands and products

There is a saying in the food industry:
If a product doesn’t taste good, consumers won’t buy it a second time.
If a product doesn’t look good, consumers won’t buy it the first time.

You invest so much in your product, don’t take a chance with its first impression. By partnering with Calico as your trusted colour supplier, you join more than 200 other leading food and beverage companies across North America who win and retain loyal customers with innovative high quality products.

Calico offers a complete line of FD&C dyes and lakes to serve the Canadian and U.S. market and will help you navigate the regulatory environment in both countries.

Calico has developed over 1,000 custom products for customers including; powder blends, liquids and oil dispersions. Customers have come to rely on Calico for our technical expertise in colour matching, new colour development and colour problem solving. Calico’s on-site lab ensures that our technical team is ready to get to work for you with next-day samples.

FD&C Dyes + Lakes 

FD&C dyes and lakes add vibrant, lasting colour to any food product. Calico’s colour technicians are experts in creating custom colours and formulating our products to meet your application-specific requirements. Let us put our 20+ years of FD&C colour experience to work for you.

Product FOrmats

  • Dry Blends (Dyes & Lakes)
  • Liquid Dye Solutions
  • Lake Dispersions (Oil, Sucrose, Glycerine, Propylene Glycol)