Colour innovation for new products

Food consumers have more choices available to them today than ever before. This increasingly specialized and diversified market requires food manufacturers to rapidly address ever-evolving customer tastes and demands. 

Our job is to help our customers respond to changing market dynamics with innovative solutions. Whether it is key ingredient inclusion, “free from” labeling, addressing a niche consumer demand, satisfying a company marketing mandate, or implementing a R&D initiative – Calico can help you achieve your goal.

Calico offers a complete line of Natural Colours to serve the Canadian and U.S. market and we can help you navigate the labeling and regulatory environment in each country.

Calico has developed over 1,000 custom products for customers including; powder blends, liquids and oil dispersions. Customers have come to rely on Calico for our technical expertise in colour matching, new colour development and colour problem solving. Calico’s on-site lab ensures that our technical team is ready to get to work for you with next-day samples.

NAtural COlours

Food manufacturers have increasingly adopted natural colours as public demand for products made from natural ingredients grows. Calico has been supplying natural colours for over a decade and can help guide you through the development process.

Natural Lakes

Calico’s range of insoluble natural pigment “lakes” broaden the natural colours application range. For low moisture or surface applications these natural pigments fill a gap in the natural colour product range particularly for confectionery and tablet applications.

Natural Blends

Custom blending is Calico's core expertise. With over 1,000 custom formulations, our team can help you solve any colour challenge. Calico's custom natural product offering includes liquids, dispersions and dry blends available in various pack sizes and formats.