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April Highlight 2022

Spring Into Easter!

Easter is here and Calico has you covered. Calico offers a wide array of natural colours to ensure Easter sweets are as colourful as ever! Anthocyanins are responsible for imparting red to purple colours, depending on the target shade. Beet-based solutions are available for producing bright pink shades. Pastel colors can be achieved with cost-effective low concentrations. For a pastel yellow, our experts will recommend cost-effective of heat-stable natural yellows like turmeric and beta carotene. Combining natural blues and reds offers natural purple blends, but single component solutions like grape and other anthocyanins are also available for formulation efficiency. See our recommended colours below and request your sample today!

Here are examples of our Natural Colours applied to sanding sugar:

Colour: Red/Purple


Natural colour extracted from Black Carrot, Red Cabbage, Purple Sweet Potato, Red Radish

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Colour: Red/Pink



Natural colour extracted from Red Beet

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Colour: Yellow/Orange



Natural colour extracted from Annatto seed, Beta Carotene

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Colour: Green



Natural colour extracted from green leafy plants

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Colour: Blue


Natural colour extracted from algae

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Colour: White


Titanium Dioxide

Food grade Titanium Dioxide used to whiten many food applications

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