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We can address your Application-Specific needs with Best-In-Class products from our global partners

    • California Natural Color
      When we say “Nature’s True Colors”, we mean exactly that—true colours from nature. California Natural Color offers a wide selection of colour concentrates and dried crystals to the food, beverage, and nutraceutical industries.
      • Colours From Fruit and Vegetable Sources
      • Unique Liquid and Crystal Colour Systems
      • Clean Label Colours
      • No Carriers or Additives
      • Superior Colour Stability

    • Divi’s Nutraceutical
      Divi’s Nutraceutical is committed to providing the highest quality carotenoid and vitamin ingredient solutions. Using innovative approaches, they strive to create world-class products. Divi’s sees customers as partners in success now and in the future. Quality of products, services and management play key roles in Divi’s decision-making and strategy implementation. Product forms are fully compliant with the current regulatory requirements of the US and EU standards for use in food, dietary supplements and animal feed.
      • Beta-Carotene
      • Apocarotenal
      • Lutein
      • Lycopene
      • Canthaxanthin
      • Astaxanthin
      • Vitamins A, D & E

    • Lycored
      Lycored is a global leader in lycopene based color ingredients for food and beverages, harnessing nature’s rainbow to deliver you brilliant yellows, oranges, pinks and reds that can withstand even the most demanding processing and storage conditions.
      • Products Made from Tomatoes
      • Certified Kosher & Halal
      • Vegetarian Friendly & Non-GMO
      • Heat, Light and pH Stable
      • Clean Label
      • More Packaging, Display & Storage Flexibility

    • Biorigin
      Biorigin offers natural ingredients for flavor enhancement, salt reduction, and longer shelf life of foods and nutritional supplements rich in amino acids and B-complex vitamins. Their portfolio of natural preservatives and food ingredients includes seven product lines, each developed with biotechnological processes based on specially-selected yeast strains and dairy and dextrose-based cultivated ingredients.
      • Natural MSG replacers
      • Autolyzed yeast extracts
      • Salt enhancers
      • No Carriers or Additives
      • Natural preservatives

    • Brookside
      Savoury & Sweet Flavours. With Brookside’s expertise, we’ll work together with you to create finished products that are healthy, natural and good for all of us
      • Natural, certified organic, Non GMO, extracts for variety of applications
      • Vegan meaty/fatty flavor keys
      • Modulatory technology
      • Liquid, pastes and powdered forms available

    • SciTech
      SciTech Ingredients' enhancers are proprietary Naturalt Flavours developed to enhance the perception of sweetness, salinity and flavour. SciTech also have developped natural masking agents as well as mouthfeel enhancers for reduced sugar applications.
      • Natural Flavour Enhancer
      • Mouthfeel/Sweetness/Cocoa/Salt Enhancers
      • Masking

    • Döhler
      Natural Extracts & Distillates
      • Pure vanilla extract
      • Tea and numerous plant extracts & distillates
      • Chocolate extracts & distillates

    • The Wright Group
      The Wright Group’s specialty is the hands-on development, formulation and manufacturing of custom nutritional premixes. These premixes enrich a variety of product applications; including breakfast cereals, functional foods, dairy and non-dairy-based meal replacement beverages, nutrition bars, sports nutrition products, infant formulas and daily multivitamin supplements.
      • Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, botanicals
      • Blends, microencapsulation

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